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What’s Included

Version 14.0

Size: 24" wide x 36" high

This poster includes all mandatory federal and state notices required by law, including (but not limited to): Ban the Box, Discrimination, Healthy and Safe Families and Workplaces, Minimum Wage, Parental and Family Leave, Pregnancy Discrimination, Right to Know, Sexual Harassment, Unemployment Insurance, Workers’ Compensation.

State Requirements*:

(*Additional City, County and Industry notices are required for complete compliance)

1. Minimum Wage Rhode Island 1/2019

2. Right to Know Law - Hazardous Substance 6/2020

3. Sexual Harassment is against the law 7/2015

4. Discrimination is illegal 5/2020

5. Healthy and Safe Families Workplace Act 

6. Rhode Island Whistleblowers Protection Act 

7. Workers Compensation Act 6/2020 

8. Discrimination because of Pregnancy 7/2015

9. Rhode Island Parental Fam Med Leave  3/2018

10. Ban-the Box 9/2020

11. Unemployment Insurance Benefits 4/2018

Federal Requirements:

1. Equal Employment Opportunity 10/2022

2. USERRA 5/2022

3. Federal Minimum Wage 7/2016

4. Polygraph Protection 7/2016

5. Family and Medical Leave Act 6/2016

6. OSHA - Job Safety and Health 4/2019       

AutoComply is a hassle-free way to keep your business in compliance, year round.

Get notified when there’s a change in your state’s labor law poster requirements

Stay safe and compliant at all times without the headache or hassle

Receive the updated, fully-compliant poster free of charge

Most Recent Change

January 2023 – Minimum Wage

January 2023 – Discrimination 

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