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A Team of Experienced Labor Law Researchers Keeping Your Business in Compliance

Federal Wage and Labor Law Institute (FWLLI) helps your business stay ahead of ever-changing compliance standards.

Keeping Businesses in Compliance with Labor Law for Over 30 Years

Mark and Lisa Haag founded Federal Wage and Labor Law Institute (FWLLI) in 1989 to consult with small businesses on labor law compliance who felt defenseless against the Department of Labor (DOL).

At that time, government agencies would fine businesses for various violations they unknowingly committed. Unfortunately, many of those businesses paid fines – not willing to question why they were being penalized.

FWLLI defended those businesses, saved them thousands of dollars, and established procedures to prevent future fines.

Empowering Businesses to Stay in Compliance

FWLLI saw an opportunity to not only defend businesses, but prevent them from ever needing support. The labor law experts at FWLLI began to educate their clients on necessary compliance guidelines. 

Frequent changes to laws and requirements for each state were easy to misunderstand, leading to businesses cluttering their walls with posters in an attempt to stay in compliance with regulations.

To alleviate the stress of remaining in compliance, FWLLI would advise businesses of which labor law posters they were required to display.


Empowering Businesses to Stay in Compliance

Eventually, companies began to request mandatory labor law posters. That’s why we designed the original All-In-One™ labor law poster to save wall space and clear up office clutter – all while helping you adhere to labor law guidelines.


Keeping Our Clients Advised On Changes

FWLLI automatically keeps companies operating within regulatory guidelines through its AutoComply services. For your business to operate at its highest level, you must comply with ever-changing compliance regulations. 

Get the posters you need, delivered to you, knowing you are maintaining compliance with labor laws.


FWLLI is Your One-Stop Compliance Shop

Dedicated Labor Law Consultants


We Handle Your Labor Law Compliance

FWLLI works with a team of dedicated professionals with over 20 years of experience in labor laws, to keep more businesses in compliance and out of harm’s way from the Department of Labor (DOL).  FWLLI has become the nation’s leading provider of labor law posters.


Make sure our clients know which labor law posters they need


Protect our clients from any audits or fines for non-compliance


Help our clients best operate businesses in compliance with DOL

Ready to Get in Compliance?

Choose your state below and order the most current state and federal labor law posters.